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There are many simple ways to promote your travel website or writing project using digihitch. Below are descriptions of each section with the links you need to get started.

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We at digihitch want to see more road travel websites, books and articles get the attention they deserve. This is why we have created some great tools for you to put the word out. If you follow the steps below you could receive thousands of new visitors and readers. All we ask in return is that you promote us. You can place one of our banners or images on your site by clicking here.

For webmasters, make sure your site is in our Web Links section. New links are featured in several places, including our popular 'The Week on digihitch' page. This will give you good visibility to start out. Make sure to write a simple description of your site listing its key features. You must be a registered user to add a link. Click HERE to get started.
(Keep in mind that we will NOT approve links to sites that have no original content or are advertising sinkholes.)

After your link is approved, you can further promote your site by allowing visitors to rate it at digihitch. To do this, search for your link in our database then click 'details' below its description. Click the text near the bottom of the page which says 'Is this your website? Learn how to promote it on digihitch...' You will be guided through the remaining steps needed to create a rating system on your site. Once it is in place you will receive even more visits to your site as it becomes better ranked.

Is your website or travel project related to hitchhiking, road tripping or road culture? If so, you can share a press release or reprinted story using our story submission form. Please polish it up a bit so the article is interesting and readable. Share some history and anecdotes where possible.

Webmasters who promote digihitch with gusto (linking our images on your main page or most popular travel pages) are eligible to be Supporters. We will create a link to your site and feature a small image. This will also boost your ranking in search engines like, Alta Vista and Yahoo! Click HERE to learn more.

If you are looking to make an income from your site we can recommend proven companies that can help you. Affiliate programs are a great way to offer products and services to your visitors while earning a commission. Click HERE for a list.

Writers, we have some great research tools for you to use in compiling a book or generating ideas. Visit our Road Encyclopedia to browse road culture entries- from traveler biographies to movies to road lingo.

You can also use our Creative & Volunteer Projects forum to request story submissions or announce a book in the making. If you have a press release that fits with the digihitch theme, publish it in our story submission area.

One of the best ways to promote a book or writing project on digihitch is to let us review and/or give a copy as a prize in an upcoming giveaway. Contact us to learn more and to get our mailing address. We are glad to provide interviews to writers and researchers. We at digihitch can connect you with many different hitchhikers, train hoppers or adventure travelers around the globe. Use a Feedback Form to let us know your interest. You can also request permission to reprint an article or use one of our images.

Do you need a specialty seller for your product? Let us know! We are beginning to sell merchandise through digihitch and may be able to stock a small inventory of your book, or create a point of sale for a commission.

Make sure to always credit digihitch with any help it has offered you. We provide everything on the site for free, but it does require time and money. Give back by letting your readers know we exist!

If you have any further questions about promotions or partnering, let us know. Fill out a feedback form and we will get back to you. Good luck in your project!

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