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appalachian trail
Last post by SeekerLabraid in USA - Sidekicks on Sep 13 at 1:53 PM CST

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 Jailed not by

Floridashoestring1989 writes:
I didn't deserve 20 days in jail! "CSX" never even knew!

( Comments? |Score: 4.00)
Submitted by shoestring1989 - Aug 27, 08 (405 reads)

 Montana Roll On

Montanakidblaze2k writes:
Hitchiking around Montana, cradling dead deer, longboarding down the great divide, personal weirdness, hopping MRL, personal lessons.

( Comments? |Score: 3.33)
Submitted by kidblaze2k - Aug 10, 08 (308 reads)

 Side of the Road Blues

Montanaredford writes:
Hitching from Chicago to Memphis gives you time to contemplate the blues.

( Comments |Score: 4.17)
Submitted by redford - Aug 05, 08 (317 reads)

 From truck stops to on-ramps

MontanaEvs writes:
Truckers in OR and CA are giving me rides! I was wanting to go south on I-5 out of Eugene, OR. A long wait led to a 20 mile ride with an ex-hitchhiker whose name I can't remember.

( Comments |Score: 2.75)
Submitted by Evs - Aug 02, 08 (358 reads)

 Denver hell and back, over and over again

Coloradoapple writes:
Oy govult!! as my people would say, not even a speeding car could stop me this time.

( Comments? |Score: 4.00)
Submitted by apple - Jul 22, 08 (301 reads)

 Pullman Hobo Fest

Illinoispullmanhobofest writes:
Celebrate a slice of real Americana Join the neighborhood of Pullman, a Chicago Historic District and national treasure, as we celebrate another true national treasure: the Hobo. Enjoy food, music, crafts, storytelling and more at this fun-filled event with something for the whole family! September 6-7, 2008 Pullman Hobo Fest Website- hobofest.southchicago.info

( Comments |Score: 5.00)
Submitted by pullmanhobofest - Jul 01, 08 (585 reads)

 The Hitchhiking Guitar Man

Texashighadventures writes:
Story from San Marcos Daily Record in Texas on "The Hitchhiking Guitar Man," Dean Strickland.

( Comments? | More H2 | Score: 3.00)
Submitted by highadventures - Jun 20, 08 (201 reads)

 First Hop, Raleigh to Linwood to Roanoke

North Carolinauliveandyouburn writes:
First train hop. Rode mixed freight around North Carolina and Virginia.

( Comments? |Score: 4.25)
Submitted by uliveandyouburn - Jun 17, 08 (524 reads)

 California to Tennessee in 3 months, part 2

Southeast USherjor3 writes:
All right, so we're in Winslow, Arizona. We're there for a few days getting good food, rest and little bit of weed from another Dustyfoot. Trent gives him his sleeping roll, very nice thing to do for the old man; he needed it more than me, Trent said. From there we went to the dentist for Trent's broken tooth. Got some more pain killers and some antibiotics for him.... we got into a fight about him being impatient and we weren't talking for a few miles.... we end up agreeing to sit on the interstate for a few hours.

Note: Continued from California to Tennessee in 3 months, part 1

( Comments |Score: 3.50)
Submitted by herjor3 - Jun 15, 08 (290 reads)

 Mysterious New Mexico, Part Seventeen

New Mexicoborn2Bfree writes:
A lot has happened since I last wrote on Digihitch. My Girlfriend, Jade, came to visit me up in Santa Fe. I was getting close to Walker, so she picked a fight with him.

Note: Continued from Mysterious New Mexico
[Read the previous story, Part Sixteen]

( Comments? |Score: 4.00)
Submitted by born2Bfree - May 30, 08 (355 reads)

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