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Rail Travel

Rail TravelFORUM - LINKS

Stories and tips on traveling by rail, including features and recommended links in train culture.
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» Trivia question that the bull asked for me to answer!

The bull that played Game Show host! Riding the Kansas City Southern has always been a favorite route of mine! This was one of a million trips that I had taken on the KCS down to New Orleans from Kansas City, but this trip was to be a bummer.
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Score: 4 | 84 reads
Submitter: shoestring1989
Sep 10, 08

» Ashes to Asheville!

CSX & NS, What a way to go! This was the summer of 1993. I had caught a train to Montgomery, Alabama on the CSX from Birmingham & it was too hot & humid to just sit & make camp! I needed to get moving & let the cool wind blow in my face!
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Score: 2.75 | 271 reads
Submitter: shoestring1989
Aug 29, 08

» Jailed not by

I didn't deserve 20 days in jail! "CSX" never even knew!
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Score: 4 | 405 reads
Submitter: shoestring1989
Aug 27, 08

» Grain truck vs. Grain train!

Winter of 1999. I had just rode in from Tulsa, Oklahoma on the BNSF into Kansas City.
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Score: 3.5 | 220 reads
Submitter: shoestring1989
Aug 25, 08

» Not paying attention to the car you ride may be hazardous to your health!

UP special agents in Las Vegas. It was the spring of 1991. I had caught out of Yermo, California on the Uncle Pete to ride to Provo, UT for a bit of work. The ride from Yermo to Las Vegas was just like any other I had taken, hot & boring.
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Score: 2.33 | 308 reads
Submitter: shoestring1989
Aug 18, 08

» Powder River run & the Delirium Tremens!

Was this a time to quit? I guess that the year of 1998 was my peak of alcohol consumption. (Although I have not had a drink now since December 2 of 2006). I had worked over in the town of Keokuk, Iowa for a few days & made a bankroll there.
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Score: 3 | 235 reads
Submitter: shoestring1989
Aug 17, 08

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