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Road Travel Encyclopedia
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Hitchhiking Lexicon

Dictionary of travel lingo, road and street slang used by hitchhikers, backpackers and other travelers.

The ultimate, ever-growing dictionary of hitchhiking terms, listing common words and some you maybe haven't yet heard. The culture of hitchhiking creates its own special lingo to describe the essence of being on the road. Here is your chance to catch up on it all.
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Hitchhiking Lexicon

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Lot Lizard

Lot Lizard
(noun phrase) A low-income local or self-styled prostitute who hangs out at truck stops, usually marked by garrish makeup and signs of drug use.    » More Definition

Leather Tramp

(noun phrase) One who walks or hitchhikes. This is a phrase not often used, but is mentioned in Jon Krakauer's "Into the Wild".    » More Definition


(noun) Words said by a hitchhiker that cause a driver or cop to 'go off', or become upset.    » More Definition

Kind Bud

Kind Bud
(noun) drug term Refers to excellent-quality marijuana. Some drivers will stop for a hitchhiker because they believe he/she may have some, know where to get it, or wish to partake in the driver's supply.    » More Definition


(slang noun) A general term describing a place that appears undeveloped and void of civilization... often heard, for whatever reason, associated with Egypt (although this may also be regional).    » More Definition

Crusty (or crusties)

Crusty (or crusties)
(noun) 1. a gutter punk, also called a street punk, or crust punk.    » More Definition

Covert Camping

(verb or noun phrase) A free sleeping method while on the road where a hitchhiker or vagabond finds a hidden place to camp. This could be in trees alongside a highway, on a roof or in an abandoned building.    » More Definition


(verb) 1. To hitchhike.    » More Definition

Faire du pouce

(noun) Quebecoise [Canadian French]    » More Definition


(noun) 1. A street hustler or homeless person who stays near heavy-populated areas and does not often travel. (Also called a Home Bum)    » More Definition
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