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» The cave may not have been the best plan ...

Given the state's laws, I'm not sure why people stick so much to the interstates, especially up north and east of Seattle. There are so many gorgeous state highways that take you really cool places, and I had much more success on them.
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Score: 4 | 14 reads
Submitter: Ixcila
Sep 09, 08

» Sisters of the Road Cafe

Saw the creme de la creme of the gutter and then I saw the the placenta whose grin was a con and contained no joy
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Score: 3.66 | 182 reads
Submitter: Watchdog
Aug 29, 08

» Jailed not by

I didn't deserve 20 days in jail! "CSX" never even knew!
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Score: 4 | 356 reads
Submitter: shoestring1989
Aug 27, 08

» Grain truck vs. Grain train!

Winter of 1999. I had just rode in from Tulsa, Oklahoma on the BNSF into Kansas City.
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Score: 3.66 | 204 reads
Submitter: shoestring1989
Aug 25, 08

» My greatest rides

Of course the best rides I have ever had were those in which I encountered people with whom I had many laughs, who understood me, gave me advice, and especially those from who I learnt something. Those experiences however, we all have had and are nothing unusual. Therefore I will tell about the more unusual rides I have had.
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Score: 4.16 | 362 reads
Submitter: danieln
Aug 20, 08

» Living my own Czech fairytale

Cesky Krumlov is the ideal place to relax and recuperate - and so that's what I did. Each day I would splash around in the river and then sun bathe in the last few hours of sun.
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Score: 4 | 255 reads
Submitter: Jockthehulk
Aug 17, 08

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New travel tips & articles

» Momma loves her baby, Daddy loves me too!

Keeping us safe is what they are supposed to do!
MORE in Our Mothers, Our Fathers
More Perspective
Score: 4 | 146 reads
Submitter: shoestring1989
Aug 27, 08

» Thoughts On Travel and Hitchhiking

Popular Culture, Travel Snobbishness, and the Reaffirmation of the Human Spirit
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More Perspective
Score: 4.5 | 234 reads
Submitter: Evs
Aug 20, 08

» Consider Hitchhiking, by Dr. Lloyd V. Stover

Dr. Lloyd Stover shares his perspective on hitchhiking, from the Great Depression through the 1950s. He invites readers to give hitchhiking another look in this reprinted article from
Read Dr. Lloyd Stover's bio in our road encyclopedia for Hitchhikers, War Era (1938-1947)
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More Perspective
Score: 2.5 | 284 reads
Jul 30, 08

» Two Young Brits Hitchhike from UK to Malaysia for Charity

Two young men from Salisbury, UK, have begun a hitchhiking trek to Malaysia in support of the Trussell Trust, an award-winning charity working with poor people in crisis in the UK and Bulgaria.
Read a news story about their trip from Salisbury Journal below.
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Score: 4 | 294 reads
Jul 29, 08

» Hitchhiking Namibia

Jill Nawrocki is a volunteer in Namibia, a travel blog star and a former Jaunted contributing editor. Read her tips for hitchhiking in Namibia at (including advice for women traveling Namibia).
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1 comment
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Score: 4.66 | 238 reads
Jul 29, 08

» Hitchhiking from France to Uganda

Jeremy Marie from France is hitchhiking around the world. Read the latest article from Sunday Monitor in Uganda about Jeremy's hitchhike through Africa. Also visit his website at
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Score: 4.33 | 256 reads
Jul 29, 08

New Articles

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» Sisters of the Road Cafe
Watchdog | Score: 3.66 | Poetry & Prose

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» The cave may not have been the best plan ...
Ixcila | Score: 4 | Stories
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prino | Score: 3 | Stories
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CEEGE | Score: 3.25 | Stories

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» The real ends of the Earth!...Inuvik, Yukon.
shoestring1989 | Score: 3.5 | Stories

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» Momma loves her baby, Daddy loves me too!

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» Ashes to Asheville!
shoestring1989 | Score: 2.66 | Stories
» Jailed not by
shoestring1989 | Score: 4 | Stories
» Grain truck vs. Grain train!
shoestring1989 | Score: 3.66 | Stories

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» Thoughts On Travel and Hitchhiking
Evs | Score: 4.5 | Perspective

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» Paranoia unheard of: going home
oldmanwinter | Score: 2.5 | Perspective
» Newfoundland,...the smaller Alaska!
shoestring1989 | Score: 3 | Stories

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