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Featured Writers on digihitch

Ben Bachelder aka Bass Drum Ben (full bio)

Ben is currently living and working in Antarctica for his third season. This summer he hitchhiked throughout South America, having now thumbed on every continent in the world. Ben has been sharing journal entries, stories, photos and insider tips for over 5 years on digihitch while on and off the road-- a quest that began with the goal to see all seven continents before age 30.
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Rex Ingram, aka Scrappy

Click for Rex's road profile and stories
My main interests in life revolve around traveling, by mostly all means available. I have been to 15 countries and all 50 states. Hitchhiking is primary as I've done it for 41 years since I was 17. Hitching fits me because of its cost, but mostly I am able to touch the lives of my rides in a positive way, where no other way would I ever run across these good people. It is also instructive in all of life's lessons from the extremely bad to the extremely good, and teaches that patience is basic to survival and happiness. Some of my other interests are chess, reading, (on most subjects, especially scientific, nature, animals, pool [billiards], westerns, biographies and autobiographies, travel, and whatever else), sports [gymnastics, golf, and others], and flying airplanes (taught to me by my father), and helicopters, about which I have read.

Jon 'Hikecrazy'

From bicycling the Sahara to touring with favorite bands and living across Europe, Jon has seen many a road. He shares his vast knowledge of hitchhiking routes and border crossings with European and U.S. travelers. As a key contributing editor, he has also dug up essential articles and made the Alternative Web Links section an impressive resource.
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Bernd 'The Thumb' Wechner (full bio)

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Bernd has been sharing hitchhiking resources and perspective on the Web since 1997 via and his homepage at You can read many of his articles here on digihitch, culminating from over 100,000 kilometers of thumb travel.

Kinga 'Freespirit' (full bio)

Kinga hitchhiked around the world with Chopin for five years, chronicling to She has published a beautiful book of her global experience titled, "Led by Destiny," filled with captivating photos and journal entries. Learn more at, and read more from Kinga here.

Kinga passed away in June 2006. Read a tribute to Kinga Freespirit, with photos and memories.
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David A. Smith aka dsmith4721 (full bio)

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Since 1979, David A. Smith has spent more than 14 years on the road traveling, living, and working in at least 115 countries. David was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He continues to share world hitchhiking and road trip articles from his upper midwest homebase. He plans to keep hitting the road and bringing us virtually along.

Macdonald Stainsby (full bio)

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Macdonald has been hitchhiking throughout Canada for over 12 years. He shares much-needed perspective and route info in digihitch Canada. A self-described revolutionary and supporter of indigenous land rights, Macdonald recently hitchhiked into Canada's Arctic as a firsthand observer and grassroots journalist of aboriginal issues. Read his reports and perspective from the road here on digihitch.

Juan Villarino (full bio)

Raised in Argentina, Juan is a founder of Autostop Argentina and Pueblo Tomado. He has been inspiring travelers in South America for several years, through his books and hitchhiking events. After working and traveling in Europe for a year, Juan is again on the road on his most far-reaching discovery to date. Join him as he hitchhikes around the world as an Acrobat of the Road. Click on his photo to read his full bio and featured articles.
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'Roaddog' Rajam (full bio)

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Rajam began traveling in the Rainbow circuit in the 90s, launching further into Mexico and later Venezuela. You can read her original articles on the site, compiled for her upcoming book, "Adventures of a Road Dog (a true story)." She has hitchhiked throughout the U.S. and Mexico.

Mark Holmberg

Mark Holmberg writes for Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia and has hitchhiked the U.S. as both a reporter and soulful traveler. You can read many of his hitchhiking articles in digihitch USA.
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Shannon aka 'Spareassannie'

Click for Shannon's road profile
Shannon has been a key proponent of Canadian hitchhiking, representing at many Hitchhiker Happenings and thumbing it thousands of kilometers throughout Canada and down into the US. She is preparing for new travels in Canada, having recently returned from Ireland.

Kipper (full bio)

Kipper has been hitchhiking Canada since 1997. In that time he has covered over 100,000 kilometers in all 10 provinces. Raised on a native reservation in northern Ontario he dreamed of exploration and adventure. Hitchhiking gave him the mean to have that adventure.
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Jeremiah Lightfoot (full bio)

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Jeremiah Lightfoot hitchhiked throughout America from 1976 - 1992 and is compiling an anthology of his experiences in an upcoming book called, "Flying By My Nuts." Read his road biography and original articles with photos here.

Toby 'Tobobear'

Toby has been dispensing practical hitchhiking advice on digihitch for the past few years. He is a contributing editor, as well as co-organizer of several Hitchhiker Happenings in North America. He has hitchhiked across Europe and the U.S., using a style he rightly calls 'geek chic'.

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Morgan 'Salman' Strub (full bio)

Click for Morgan Salman's full bio
Morgan began in 2001 to encourage hitchhiking culture and connection. He has also contributed several hundred articles and stories over the last four years. You can find his articles listed under two profiles: Morgan and also by his roadname, Salman. Morgan has hitchhiked over 30,000 miles throughout North America within the last 15 years. He continues to encourage all road travelers to share their tale.


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