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Hitting the road soon and need a travel partner? Here you can read tips and stories for ideas on finding a hitchhiking or roadtrip sidekick. We also have several different partner request forums on digihitch and you can find links to these in the middle of the page. Make sure to post a request in the best forum, and give enough information about you and your trip to make it easy for others to get the idea.

Have you ever used a website to find a travel partner?
Yes, ride offer/ request.
77 votes 15%
Yes, hitchhiking partner.
58 votes 11%
Both of the above.
41 votes 8%
No, and never will.
69 votes 13%
No, but maybe later.
275 votes 53%

Total Votes: 520

Extra Options

Search these links for more partnering options:

digihitch rideboard
Find drivers going your way

Hospitality Clubs
Meet other travelers to host you on your trip

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Feature Articles

Solo or Sidekick? Hitchhiking with or without a partner - by Salman

Choose your road dawg carefully - by spanktafied
A Perfect Example of Bad Hitchhiking Etiquette - by Roaddog
Group Hitchhiking through Canada - by Salman
Two Girls, Two Dogs, and Southern Florida Sucks! - by Roaddog
Canada has a desert - by redproletariat

Sidekick Requests
Sidekicks USASidekicks USA
Traveling through the USA? Post a sidekick request here or search listings.

USA Sidekicks Wanted!
bc, down west coast, to mexico...whilst sightseeing. - tamara
appalachian trail - amethystfaerie
San Francisco towards NYC....... - daisy1357

Sidekicks Canada
Sidekicks Canada
Find a Canadian hitchhiking partner.

Canada Sidekicks Wanted!
Vancouver 2 Toronto - andrewtite
east to west - xavior
Tired of Calgary? Come hitch to BC for a couple Weeks - RoriSatya

Sidekicks Europe
Sidekicks Europe
European travel starts with a sidekick in this forum!

Europe Sidekicks Wanted!
Hey ilooking for company for hitchhiking to Serbija 17.9.... - vlasti
Bucharest (Ro) - Budapest(HU)- Bratislava(SK) - Cristi
Copenhagen/Malmų to Barcelona Sept 20ish - Else

Global SidekicksGlobal Sidekicks
Traveling a different part of the globe or around the world? Post here!
Global Sidekicks Wanted!
Good Timing - hank_shaw
Australia - End of November 2008 - EDsteve
Mexico - BluesTramp

Share stories/ tips
Do you have some tips for other hitchhikers on choosing a travel partner or a story about hitchhiking with someone? We want to hear about it! You can share a story here in the self-publishing section, or post a message about your experiences here in the hitchhiking forums.


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