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 News:  Missing Irish Backpacker's body recovered

Western EuropeFruupp writes:
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Submitted by Fruupp - Jan 07, 08 (280 reads)

 Stories:  First Hitch, Part 3

Southern EuropeFruupp writes:
I awoke in Philippe's apartment and stared out the window to the most beautiful French sunrise. There wasn't a cloud in sight and I noticed from the silence of the air that the Mistral had passed. Thank God I thought, it would really be a pain in the derriere to hitch in wind like that.
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Submitted by Fruupp - Dec 30, 07 (136 reads)

 Irish Backpacker Missing in S.A. Please help!!

Western EuropeFruupp writes:
Along with the joy of travel there are also risks. We would all like to think that, God forbid, if anything were to happen to one of the users of this site, that we would all pitch in and do our part to help. I'm not sure if Ronan Lawler ever used this site but he is missing and his family are beside themselves with worry. Today is Christmas Eve and today the search for Ronan has been officially called off. Please take just 5 minutes of your time to forward the link and this post to any site you can think of (You Tube, facebook, Couuchsurfers -- whatever) Merry Christmas.
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Submitted by Fruupp - Dec 24, 07 (207 reads)

 News:  New European Borders

Western EuropeFruupp writes:
This is an article that appeared on the BBC website today.
BBC NEWS: Europe's border-free zone expands
Forty-eight hours of celebrations are taking place to mark nine new states joining a European border-free zone.
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Submitted by Fruupp - Dec 21, 07 (146 reads)

 Tips:  Signs... very useful thingy

Eastern Europesausa writes:
I'm always for signs, for several obvious reasons:
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Submitted by sausa - Dec 07, 07 (150 reads)

 Tips:  Signs in Slovakia

Eastern Europesausa writes:
I have one hint for anybody hitchhiking in Slovakia. Every district/county in Slovakia is named by and centered on one city.
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Submitted by sausa - Nov 17, 07 (195 reads)

 Stories:  At the Festival de San Fermin

Southern EuropeJockthehulk writes:
I was stuck just north of the Spanish border and gave it about a hour with my thumb stuck out before I went hustling for a ride. I used my Polish but the same story was coming back "No insurance ".
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Submitted by Jockthehulk - Nov 09, 07 (254 reads)

 Tips:  What's it like Hitchhiking/Vagabonding Norway

Northern Europedsmith4721 writes:
Norwegians are an interesting bunch. The first person I met in Oslo was a man/woman who had a sex change operation and was now a woman/man. In Norway even the transvestites speak English !!!
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Submitted by dsmith4721 - Nov 08, 07 (312 reads)

 Hitching with the cows of Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Western Europedsmith4721 writes:
Hitchhiking is hard when you're standing on a road full of bovines, but hey the traffic's all stopped and the drivers roll down their window expectantly when you walk up. Easiest ride to Munich I've ever had.
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Submitted by dsmith4721 - Oct 17, 07 (270 reads)

 Tips:  Tips on Hitchhiking Germany

Western Europedsmith4721 writes:
Hitchhiking Germany is the best in Europe. You can cross Germany easily in a day. Normal, middle-class Germans think hitchhiking is great, especially for young people on a long, around-the-world trip.
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Submitted by dsmith4721 - Oct 15, 07 (503 reads)

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