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View biographies, road lingo, foreign language translations, movies, song lyrics and more road culture entries in one of the encyclopedias listed below. Click on a photo or title to get started!

Beat & Boom Era Hitchhikers (1948 - 1963)

The most well-traveled or known hitchhikers of the Beat Generation and Baby Boom Era. Includes some of the great characters and travelers you never read about, all listed by last name.

Beat Generation

The Beat Movement was the most influential literary source of road culture in history, as authors like Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady chronicled their lives on and off the road. Meet the personalities behind the Beat Generation, listed by last name.

Celebrity Sub-Culture

Popular! Musicians, actors, writers and more who have spent time on the road- as hitchhikers, homeless, runaways or train hoppers. Learn a little more about the celebrity history you don't always hear.
(You can also suggest a celebrity for the list here)

Global Vagabond Language Guide

Popular! World languages and essential phrases geared toward hitchhikers, world trekkers and budget travelers. Alphabetized by language and country (regional dialects or sayings).
Special thanks to Brian, didge, jones, Tarin, Hospitality Club and all language contributors.

Hitchhikers, Hippie & Seeker Era (1964-1975)

The flowering era of the road, these are the seekers, artists, students, charlatans and musicians who hitchhiked into the age of Aquarius.
(We want to read your nominations for hippie-era hitchhikers! Add a mini-bio!)

Hitchhikers, Hobo/ Bohemian Era (1914-1937)

Hitchhikers, hobos and wayside explorers in the first era of simple road mobility. Includes some of the bohemians and radicals traveling at the time, as well as job-seekers and down-troddens.

Hitchhikers, Modern (1976-present)

Meet the modern-day hitchhikers who have kept the spirit of the road alive. From world traveling to web designing to road chronicling, these hitchers have each helped define our recent road culture. Hitchhikers are listed by first name.
(Nominate a modern-day hitchhiker for inclusion in this category!)

Hitchhikers, War Era (1938-1947)

Writers, soldiers, artists and working men who most notably traveled the roads in the war years.

Hitchhiking in the Movies

Popular! These are movies that either feature hitchhiking or have brief scenes with hitchhikers. Read a summary of each film and visit suggested links to learn more. Special thanks to Smiles19 for major contribution to the list.
(Suggest new movies here, or write a movie review here!)

Hitchhiking Lexicon

Popular! The ultimate, ever-growing dictionary of hitchhiking terms, listing common words and some you maybe haven't yet heard. The culture of hitchhiking creates its own special lingo to describe the essence of being on the road. Here is your chance to catch up on it all.
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Punk Rock Gen

Punk Rock inspired road travel during the 70s and continues to motivate travelers today. Bands like The Stooges, Ramones, Sex Pistols, and MC5 helped lay the groundwork that keeps Punk on the streets.

Song Lyrics for the Road

Popular! Hitchhiking, driving and celebrating the open road in music.
Search lyrics by song title, music artist or keyword in the lyrics.
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Neal Cassady, Beat Generation

Janis Joplin, Celebrity Subculture

Ken Kesey, Hippie & Seeker Era

Ma and Pa Kettle, Hobo/ Bohemian Era

Bernd Wechner, Modern Day Hitchhiker

It Happened One Night, Hitchhiking in the Movies

Hitchhikers Dictionary

Sid Vicious, Punk Rock Gen

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