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Stories: Grand Forks to Saskatoon

Western Provinces madnomad writes:
Grand Forks, BC to Saskatoon, SK- 4 day hitch.

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Submitted by madnomad - Wed, Jun 25, 08 (1 reads)

Rules of Thumb: A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Sea to Sky

British Columbia highadventures writes:
From Pique newsmagazine in Whistler, British Columbia, a humorous story on hitchhiking the Sea to Sky Highway between Vancouver and Whistler, BC.

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Submitted by highadventures - Fri, Jun 20, 08 (1 reads)

News: New Brunswick: Summer brings hitchhikers

New Brunswick highadventures writes:
Story from Times & Transcript in New Brunswick, Canada titled, "Police discourage hitchhiking". Despite words to the contrary in the article, please keep in mind that hitchhiking in New Brunswick is not illegal, according to the definition of roadway in the province's Motor Vehicle Act.

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Submitted by highadventures - Fri, Jun 20, 08 (1 reads)

Stories: My First Hitching Experience!

Alberta Adamman writes:
My first hitch hike from Edmonton to Calgary and then back again.

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Submitted by Adamman - Tue, May 27, 08 (1 reads)

Stories: 1/8/2008: Hiking and Camping The Storm

Ontario sadieC writes:
This is a story about hiking and camping during a windstorm along the Niagara escarpment. Backpacking is my way of life... regardless of the weather. Enjoy:)

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Submitted by sadieC - Wed, Apr 16, 08 (1 reads)

Advice: Is it illegal to hitchhike in British Columbia? No, it is not illegal

British Columbia kipper writes:
Lately I have been looking into hitchhiking laws in Canada. This first article is about hitchhiking laws in British Columbia.

There seems to be a belief amongst some that it is Illegal to hitchhike in British Columbia. In the research I have been doing so far it seems that it is not. Here is what draws me to this conclusion.

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Submitted by kipper - Wed, Apr 2, 08 (15 reads)

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