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About was created in February of 2001 as an interactive place on the web where hitchhikers and road travelers could meet and share resources. Using a new web portal system called PHP-Nuke (then in version 4), the site was organized into topics and categories most relevant to road travelers.

The original idea and content for digihitch came from Morgan 'Sal'man Strüb. Inspired by the hard work of hitchhikers like Bernd 'The Thumb' Wechner of, Vladas Sapranavicius of Vilnius Hitch-Hiking Club and others, Morgan decided to build a website that reflected the subculture of travel. Our slogan, 'the site of subcultural movement,' says that you can connect with people, stories and tips of uncommon travel to go further.

Now, has over 7500 registered users, with over 30,000 unique visits each month and well over 10 million pages viewed since its start. We've reached critical mass, thanks to each and every member who has chosen to pitch in a voice and make digihitch a home on the web.

As interaction is the key part of, we've provided some great features, allowing users to get involved and share stories. The Great Campfire is our message forum, with thousands of posts and dozens of new topics each week. The Stories section allows road travelers to share their stories, tips and news- now with hundreds of articles available. Web Links has become an exhaustive resource for sites related to the mode, with over 1500 sites/pages featured.

Our goal at is to continue to provide a welcome place on the web for hitchhikers and extreme road travelers. At the same time, we want to promote a more positive image of the nature of hitchhiking and 'road questing'. We hope to accomplish this by offering up quality resources and promoting those people and organizations who carry the spirit of the road on. That is... to trust each other, go further, share freedom and help those in need along the way.

After all, a hitchhiker is a kind of road bard, carrying a message of possibility and- often- inspiration to the drivers and onlookers he or she meets. As we say on digihitch... we provide the space, you chip in the voice. We hope you'll contribute to the community, and find the resources that will allow you to go further...

Our special thanks to these supporters of digihitch

Jesse of has provided valuable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Check out his hitchhiking and busking tips on the website.

Ben Mackaness of Affinity Realty has provided travel resources and research donations to digihitch.

Dan Striker has provided valuable advice and research donations.

Bernd Wechner continues to share his hitchhiking research and encouragement.

Kasha S. has supported the digihitch website and events through donations, research funding and encouragement.

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Hitchhiking is not recommended for minors and should be carefully considered by each traveler before hitting the road.
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