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Photo of hitchhiking statue- view more road images! Hitchhiking is a risk. There is always some chance that it may get you hurt or killed or god knows what, but the real omnipresent, overwhelming danger, which is inherent in hitching, the thing that will always happen to you and that you can count on, is that it gets you seriously involved with reality -- and that's the part that scares people the most.
  -- Ed Buryn

On this day in road history...
1973 -The Rolling Stones played in Manchester, opening their set with the song, Brown Sugar and ending with Jumping Jack Flash.

In 2008, I plan to be on the road...

more than last year.
less than last year.
more than ever before.
the same as usual.

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Hitchhiking Europe & Alaska and Upcoming Events - Summer 2008

Into the Wild movieMany thousands of people have been inspired this last year by the story of Chris McCandless in Into the Wild. Hitchhikers will be camping together in Homer, Alaska, the weekend of July 4th to celebrate the freedom of the open road.
Join Us! All are welcome— hitchhikers past and present. You don't have to thumb in, just come and share your love of the road in one of the world's beautiful places. Get Alaska event details, with hitchhiking tips along the Alaska highway, photos and maps.

888 Project

Hitchhiking Europe this summer? You'll definitely want to be in Paris August 8th for the 888 Project. Meet backpackers and hitchhikers from Europe and abroad in the largest hitchhiking event of its kind!
Hitchhiking documentary filmNEW Documentary Film in Production: Online travel portals like couchsurfing.com, hospitalityclub.org and digihitch.com have changed the way many backpackers and budget travelers look at participatory travel. In an age of fear & insecurity, how have sites that encourage trust continued to grow, and do they actually facilitate community among online/offline users?

This currently untitled film will take you behind the virtual scenes, to meet some of the founders and pioneers of travel guide/ networking websites and hear their own motivations. Also meet the travelers who use the resources-- hitchhikers, freight-hoppers and backpacking globetrotters.

The documentary film began shooting April 5-6 in Slab City and will continue interviewing through the summer and fall.

Become a volunteer, sponsor or film supporter! Contact Morgan "Salman" at digihitch for volunteer opportunities, and click here for sponsoring and donation options-- receive the thanks of our community, plus perks!

The Best of digihitch.com - In Print
This year we'll be working on a special publication, compiling some of the best hitchhiking, freight hopping and road culture stories in one book. Expect hitchhiking tips, backpacking know-how and route/ country descriptions to round it out.
Do you want your story published? First self-publish a hitchhiking, amazing road trip or train hopping story or advice article. It will appear on the site, and you will be notified down the road if it is being considered for publication. Look for a more detailed Call for Submissions soon.

Featured Writers - READ BIOsMeet our featured hitchhikers and road travelers- those who have contributed most to the site with original articles and stories. View photos, biographies and links.
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